AuMake selects Ant Financial backed JieZhou as technology partner

AuMake (ASX:AU8) announced this morning that it has selected JieZhou as the preferred technology partner to develop its exciting next generation e-Commerce platform, facilitating the transacting and distribution of Australian products into Chinese networks.

Read the full announcement:

Partnering with JieZhou on this project is a huge opportunity due to their immense experience with leading online digital businesses globally, and means that the e-Commerce platform will be well equipped with exciting market-leading innovations such as a patented digital customs clearance system, improving the customs clearance process and delivery times for end-customers in China.

JieZhou is also extremely well-resourced, being part-owned by Ant Financial, one of the largest fintech’s in the world (valued at over US$150bn), which is in turn part-owned by Alibaba.

The new platform presents a substantial opportunity in the Australian daigou market, fundamentally changing the way that people transact in the industry, and we are all very excited for the launch in October this year.